What's the difference between a leader and a boss? Everyone knows the two pictures on which is LEADER or BOSS? The boss sits in a boat, which is pulled and lashes his employees afterwards.

The leader, together with his staff, pulls the boat and leads the way as a leader.
A sales trainer is a leader. Whether at work or at home, he shows the right way. The problem nowadays is the pressure to perform. Without performance no results. Various studies have found that performance pressure makes you sick.

Through efficient sales training combined with motivational training for your executives, we show you what you can get out of a senior executive without getting sick of performance pressure.

Again, a vulnerability analysis is performed by a sales trainer. To close these weaknesses and build a strong foundation, our sales trainer shows the right techniques.

Why are people in Dubai or Singapore so successful? Almost every finance company, advertising company or marketing company consults a sales trainer to motivate and turn leaders into executives. A sales trainer is not just a consultant, a sales trainer is primarily a supporter and motivator.

Many companies in the TIGER countries consult at least one sales trainer.

Whether Huwaii in Taiwan, Samsung in South Korea or Singapore Airlines, each of them has at least one sales trainer in the house or who buy themselves for seminars.

One of the most effective sales techniques is the Neuro-Linguistic Programming also known as NLP by Richard Bandler. Over the months, our sales trainers have acquired and developed these techniques to individually advise each individual company.

Robert Bosch once said "If a business wants to survive and stay progressive, there's nothing worse than having no competitors."

Competition is our motivation, the competition never sleeps. Each of our sales trainer knows what that phrase means. Every one of your leaders knows what this quote means. So why rest on his success?

Sales Shadow Advisor and its sales trainers are motivated to motivate your executives.