About me

Who is Suad Abu Ijdai?

Is she a consultant, salesperson or support?
She is what you need for sales. The shadow that supports you in sales training and cold calling.

A child who has worked from the very bottom to the top. At the young age of 12, she already knew that she no longer wanted to be the little lamb. She wanted out of the mainstream and has slowly developed into a wolf.

Why did she turn from lamb to she-wolf? She is a doer who is convinced of her own achievements. Because conviction is what made Suad what she is today.

In addition to training as an IT system clerk, she completed her Bachelor in Business Information at the age of 23.
"No has to be made a yes" is her life motto. A life motto that a sales trainer should always put to the heart.

No matter if the sales training takes place in Dubai or Singapore, Suad Abu Ijdai is the sales trainer who understands your trade.