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If you looking for a competent sales trainer in Mainz and surroundings, you are in the right place!

Your sales coach in Mainz!

Why consult a sales trainer of Sales Shadow Advisor?

As the name implies, our sales trainers are like a shadow, offering you the right support and advising your business purposefully.
It is quite simple, there is a coach for every situation in life, even for life there is a coach, a life coach.

Why should not a company develop? - Why should not a company get better?

It does not always have to be a problem that needs to be addressed. A sales trainer can also help to optimize a business. He can be a mental support or just a guidepost.

Our sales trainers will show you a solution tailored to your business!



There must never be an excuse not to sell a product. Whether cell phone or landline contracts, advertising for TV and radio, our sales trainer will advise you from more than 1000 solutions precisely and individually.

Our sales trainers sit next to the salesman and listen to a sales pitch. By listening to and observing a sales trainer, he creates a vulnerability analysis and transforms the weak arguments into strong ones.

The motto of Sales Shadow Advisor and its sales trainer is "Transform a NO into a YES".


Sellers are

… are not hungry enough



Frustrated employees

The big advantage of booking a sales trainer in a company is that the flame of a salesman is rekindled. With precise keywords at a seminar participant, a sales trainer leaves a positive mark on one of your employees.

You have to imagine it that way: your employee has not completed a degree for weeks.
Thus, this pressure is given by his supervisor or he is self-employed and puts himself under pressure.
Put yourself in his position ...

What is the solution? Even more pressure? Give up? Firing?

At Sales Shadow Advisor we do not know words like pressure, giving up or firing! A sales trainer from Sales Shadow Advise MOTIVATES, BUILDS UP and shows SOLUTIONS.

The only fire a sales trainer knows is the ignited fire of a motivated person!


Many companies have the belief that the challenges in sales have increased enormously. In reality, it's just that the economy and markets have developed enormously over time.

The solution now is to move with the times as well, not relying on the "old distribution techniques", but to apply newly developed / timely techniques.



Through sales training, sales people not only learn techniques that lead to sales, but also all other factors that play in the background.

Personality development plays a very important role here.

Sales training topics include learning sales techniques, using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to persuade people, the sustained exemption of sales blockades, and various sales psychology aspects that have a relevant impact on sales.

A small but golden rule of a sales trainer is to eliminate the following three sentences from consciousness:

  I can not
  That does not work
  We do not have that

Our sales trainers only know:

  I can do that
  That always works
  We have something for you


In most distributors, the distributor is on his own and has to build his own motivation, discipline and energy.
It leads to the fact that the salesman comes in low-level situations and does not even have the strength to leave them.
There is no incentive to continue and motivation to reach his goal.

Sales Shadow Advisor helps salespeople use the full potential of their skills through sales training, thus generating more customers, signing more deals and, in turn, bringing in more sales to the company.


Sellers are

… they are burning for their goals



Ambitious employees

Now we have some questions from our sales training to your company.

Do you know the problem that your sales force is not making the most of their sales?

Do you know the problem that your sales force is not working at the highest level of efficiency?

Do you know the problem that your salespeople work with old ways of thinking and not with the latest sales techniques?

If you answer one of these questions with YES, our sales trainers are exactly the right contact persons.
Because our sales trainers continue to educate themselves to convey the highest possible exhaustion techniques.
At seminars in Dubai and Singapore, our sales trainer showed local salespeople what it means to work efficiently.

Old thought patterns have been eliminated!

At the beginning of a cooperation, an individual vulnerability analysis is created to show the distributor transparency of the current deficits. Linked to this are the optimization options and the solution concept presented by the sales trainer.

What makes a sales trainer?
What is a sales trainer trying to sell?
Is the sales trainer any guru?

A sales trainer analyzes the market and develops the best possible concept for your company.
A sales trainer does not sell any product, it gives the best way to success.
A guru is spiritual, a sales trainer is a doer who shows others with facts how to finish.

After selling Sales Shadow Advisor sales training, you'll gain significantly more degrees, fuel the necessary motivation, and burn to achieve your individual goals. Not only does this result in a tremendous improvement in sales, it also makes you more motivated to achieve your goals, and nothing and no one can stop you.
Success is the biggest motivator!

The sales trainers of Sales Shadow Advisor continue where other sales trainers stop.

After a coaching the motivation is very high. But what happens when the coach is gone? Correctly, after a few weeks, sometimes even days, the sales staff will fall back into old patterns of behavior. To counteract this, the sales trainers of Sales Shadow Advisor are heavily involved in monitoring. After communicating the theoretical content to the distributors, it is very important to move on to the observation phase immediately afterwards.

The salesman implements the newly learned knowledge and the sales trainer observes him, while doing. From the experience of our sales trainers, most mistakes made by distributors and acquirers are already known. These are already anticipated in the coaching, so that the salesmen make no unnecessary mistakes.
After the observation phase, the sales trainer compiles a concept with the corresponding deficiencies of the distributor, which were analyzed.

Based on this, an implementation concept is written by the sales trainer, which contains the solution recommendation.

When acquiring the phone, the implementation of the solution is given directly, hence the name "Shadow". The sales trainer acts like a "shadow" in coaching. This will cause the Distributor to learn to apply the knowledge after training the theoretical content.

The sales trainer provides the salesman with a suitcase with various tools. There are several treatment options for every objection. Of course, the distributor also gets a generalist approach to how to manage any objection from a potential customer. Nevertheless, it is important for the sales trainer to give the distributor a specific treatment for the most popular objections in an industry.

At best, the sales trainer goes with the salesman to the customer and watch him sell. Here, the sales trainer has the opportunity to closely observe the weaknesses of the distributor and record. Before going to the customer's suburb, the sales trainer performs a couple of dry drills, all the way through to roleplaying with the distributor. In the exercises, however, the distributor is not exposed to the same factors as in a suburban appointment. At the real on-site appointment, the distributor will be upset and therefore can not think as freely as it was the role play. In addition, the potential customer can totally lure the salesperson out of reserve with an unexpected question or an unexpected objection. Here it is important that the sales trainer picks up just such a situation so he can see how the distributor handles such situations.

Interested in sales training?

That's what our participants say:


"Very well structured trainings, I could take a lot and selling is really fun now."

- John Kensky


"The training is super motivating. With the new attitude, my sales have almost doubled. Five stars!"

- Marlies Janncke